• Open Finance in der Schweiz

    Open Finance: In welcher Rolle sich die Schweizer Bank dabei sehen

  • Messenger Apps: What Different Cultures Do Most And Least in Messengers

  • Neobanks and Covid19

    Performance of Challenger Banks during Covid19

Dieses Dossier ist in sechs Teile gegliedert:

  1. Aktuelle Gesamtlage zu Open Banking APIs in der Schweiz
  2. Erläuterungen zum Ursprungs aus der EU
  3. Initianten-Gremien in der Schweiz
  4. Chronologie der ersten Open-Banking-Projekten in der Schweiz
  5. Rechtliche Situation
  6. Schwierigkeiten betreffend Open-Banking
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Anzahl Kunden

August 2017: Twint hat 500’000 NutzerInnen
November 2018: 1 Million
Oktober 2019: 1.6 Millionen
Dezember 2020: 3 Millionen
Während der Corona-Zeit hat sich die Wachstumsrate von Twint verdoppelt.
April 2021: 3.5 Millionen (Quelle: UBS Twint App Verlosung)

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Major trends in Neobanking at beginning of 2021:

  • The global neobank market 2020: From 100 to 300 neobanks in 3 years (2017 to 2020). Makes a new neobank every week.
  • US-based neobank Chime tops the global valuation list with a price-tag of $14.5bn, while Brazil’s Nubank tops the leaderboard for the most customers, claiming to have 30m users.
  • 2021 will potentially be the first neobank IPO year, starting with South Corea’s Kakao Bank that has attracted $2.5bn in investment to date.
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Die aktuellsten Studien und Resultate

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Update to date facts (February 2021) about Revolut

Number of customers

Revolut has 12M customers (FY 2020). The bank is behind an estimated growth in customer by Statistica that assumed an estimated growth at 16.45M customers for FY 2020.

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Welcome to the site of messaging! If you are a Product Manager for a messaging tool or are just very much interested in mobile messaging, then you should read my master thesis about messaging (global user behaviour and new technologies in mobile messaging). Just drop me an email, and I will send you my thesis for free.

mhaenni at hotmail dot com.


Please participate in this international survey: ‘What would be the ideal messenger for you?’. The findings (activitiy and preference rankings) will be shared with participants.

Where is currently the hightest growth potential in mobile messaging apps?
In all messaging app segments is still high growth evident. Beside the Top10 players, special interest messaging solutions which focus on end-to-end messaging encryption and privacy features are currently strongly gaining new users. Solutions like threema.com (secure) or franklychat.com (privacy) are examples for this newest market development.

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It is happening like the economics books stimpulate: After a cycle of (user) hypergrowth follows a cycle of acquisitions and consolidation. With this acquisition on 19th February 2014, Mark Zuckerberg ultimately made sure about 3 things: 1) there won’t be any new ‘Facebook’ from a competitor in the near future, 2) his empire will be a strong player in the increasingly growing global mCommerce and 3) his empire will still exist within the next 8 years. – Consider WhatsApp, a clear threat to Facebook, just needed 4.5 years to come to this point. Another 2 years and WhatsApp would have 1B users. When new technologies and platforms (mobile) evolve, things can happen disruptingly fast.

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The following results are based on 250 survey participants from 4 cultures, answering each 40 questions about their mobile messaging app (MMA) behaviour from November 2013 to January 2014. The results can be seen as a hint to potential existing tendencies in the field of mobile messaging apps and should be verified by further research.

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In the past 6 months, WhatsApp and Line have been growing fastest – WhatsApp with 25M monthly active user per month (MAU), and LINE with 25M registered users per month. Read the messaging app essentials 2013/14 incl. the 6 segmentation models for messaging apps in below summary, which is partly the result of my messaging consumer research. More facts to follow soon.

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