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Twint Dossier

Anzahl Kunden

November 2021: 4 Millionen Active Users, 200 Millionen Transaktionen von Nov 20 – Nov 21 (Quelle: Twint Linkedin)
April 2021: 3.5 Millionen (Quelle: UBS Twint App Verlosung)
Dezember 2020: 3 Millionen
Während der Corona-Zeit hat sich die Wachstumsrate von Twint verdoppelt.
Oktober 2019: 1.6 Millionen
November 2018: 1 Million
August 2017: Twint hat 500’000 NutzerInnen

Feature Update

November 2021:Launch von Twint Super Deals

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Revolut Dossier

Number of customers

November 2021: 16M customers globally, 4M customers in UK (Source: The Guardian).
November 2021: More financial figures about Revolut
February 2021: 15M retail customers
December 2020: 14.5M retail customers, 0.5M business customers
January 2020: Revolut has 12M customers (in FY 2020). The bank is behind an estimated growth in customer by Statistica that assumed an estimated growth at 16.45M customers for FY 2020.

Feature Update

Update to date facts (February 2021) about Revolut

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Global Neobanking Dossier

Major trends in Neobanking at beginning of 2021:

  • The global neobank market 2020: From 100 to 300 neobanks in 3 years (2017 to 2020). Makes a new neobank every week.
  • US-based neobank Chime tops the global valuation list with a price-tag of $14.5bn, while Brazil’s Nubank tops the leaderboard for the most customers, claiming to have 30m users.
  • 2021 will potentially be the first neobank IPO year, starting with South Corea’s Kakao Bank that has attracted $2.5bn in investment to date.
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