Update to date facts (February 2021) about Revolut

Number of customers

Revolut has 12M customers (in FY 2020). The bank is behind an estimated growth in customer by Statistica that assumed an estimated growth at 16.45M customers for FY 2020.

December 2020: 14.5M retail customers, 0.5M business customers
February 2021: 15M retail customers


Revolut quietly breaks even (on 9th December 2020) after Starling Bank broke even in October 2020. This marks a turning point in how traditional banks and investors judge and look at challenger banks at the end of 2020.

Turnover 2019: 162.72M £

Number of iOS updates

About 26 per year, every second week

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Mobile Banking App Review, Optima Consulting, Jan 2021

To be continued

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